Our Story

Our Story

We go to work each day hoping to do several things: share a medium of advertising for businesses looking to explore different and creative options, share our knowledge of  marketing vehicles and the success rate and strengths of each, while providing quality products at affordable prices. 

When we began CSM Promotions we were passionate about figuring out what our customers wanted in their products and we worked tirelessly to find what they needed the most. Now, after 25 years, we are just as committed to our customer's experience!

Our company mantra is simple: The client comes first!.

Our company is built on trust, our clients know that we will give them our time, attention, and present them the campaign that works with their demographic. More than just an online shopping experience, we are a team that gives you new marketing solutions to showcase your brand.

We don't just look at the product itself, but we analyze what the products will say about your brand and what impact these products give to your overall marketing message. Everything we do here is through a marketing lens - making sure that you get the results that you and the return on your investment.  When you work with us, your products will not only display your brand, but they will connect with your audience in a way that keeps you top of mind with your existing and potential clients.

How We Can Help

Extensive backgrounds in marketing & promotions, give us the edge, not merely order takers, we'll help you find the exact item to convey the message you want to share with your existing and future customers.

Ready to Make the Step?

Put our knowledge about marketing and promotional products,  to work for you. With quality products, quick delivery times, and pricing to fit all budgets, we will provide custom, relevant solution for you marketing needs. Simply take a look around or contact us now at 877-244-7423 or email us at sales@csmpromotion.com  and we'll do the heavy lifting for you!

All About Branding

Every brand tells a story. So, why not have your brand tell your story - on a product that your customers will hold onto. Talk to us about the retention factor for the items best suited to your target audience.   We make sure that your logo looks great every time. 

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